Educate Your Staff and Your Customers

  • Inform your staff about Place Tips and how to talk to customers about them.
  • Let staff and customers know they need Bluetooth and location services for Facebook turned on.
  • Have a sign or poster that let’s your customers know how to get Place Tips and encourage use.

Create Unique Experiences

  • Leverage Place Tips to provide information to your customers that they can only get while at your store.
  • Post a Welcome Note with a special offer or code that is exclusive to in-store customers.
  • Use incentives like free wifi or discounts to encourage people to engage with your Page by checking in or posting a photo while they’re there.

Create a Community

  • Are you planning something unique for a special event or upcoming promotion? Create Facebook Events for your Page that will show up in Place Tips and give your customers a reason to return.
  • Your customers will see photos, posts, and reviews from their friends’ experiences as well.
  • Use your Welcome Note to start conversations with your customers and ask what they would like to see from Place Tips.

Make Meaningful Connections

  • A well maintained Facebook Page makes Place Tips better. Post to your Page often and keep Page info like menus, hours, and events up to date.
  • Share lots of photos and videos to your Page. Use big, beautiful images that will stand out on Place Tips.
  • Share exclusive content and information to keep your customers interested and drive sales.

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