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Turn on your Beacon

To turn your beacon on, just pull it out of the packaging - really, that’s all it takes!


Place it

Peel the sticker off the back and place the device in an area that’s highly trafficked. It's range is a circular radius around the beacon, so if it's too far to one side, some people may miss it.


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Ready to test it out?

Want to see your new Place Tip, but can’t figure out how? We’ve got you covered. Follow the screenshots below to see what your customers see.

Place Tips are only available on iOS devices. Place Tips may still appear via GPS on Android devices with Location Services on.

What’s Next?

We’ll help you even after you’re all setup with your beacon.

Best Practices

Don’t have your Beacon?

If you've already ordered your beacon, you can check to see when you'll receive it.

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