What are Place Tips?

When you tap on Place Tips, you’ll see a series of cards with info about the place you’re at.

If you choose to view Place Tips, you’ll find things like posts and photos your friends shared with you about that place.

Help people get more out of their visit.

Place Tips shows people fun, useful and relevant info about the places they visit. This helps them learn from their friends' experiences and re-live big moments wherever they go. 

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What’s in it for me?

Place Tips is where it’s at

Place Tips gather useful information about a business or landmark—like posts from the business’ Page, upcoming events and friends’ recommendations and check-ins—and show it at the top of News Feed to in-store visitors.

Each person’s Place Tips are unique. At a restaurant, Place Tips can show the menu, reviews and frequently mentioned information about the establishment, like a signature cocktail or popular table. Place Tips for a retail store can help customers find business hours, locate popular items and learn about upcoming events.


Better results come from a reliable signal.

The most reliable way for businesses to show Place Tips is with a Facebook Bluetooth® beacon. These beacons use Bluetooth to send a signal to the Facebook app on your phone to help us show customers the right Place Tips at the right place.

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